Planning is a terrific challenge for me.  With a mind that speeds and veers, it’s not uncommon to drop into mental potholes as they slip onto my visual runway when faced with options.

Picturing such a myriad of possible outcomes can be daunting for me.  Today in my mental planning session, I eased onto a quiet country road in my thoughts, and wondered, what is my coolest possible future?   This was easy!

I pictured more coolness: what fun, cool steps do I need to take to get to the coolest possible future available this week, this month, next year?  THIS I can see!

For four years, I’ve wanted to photograph the nuns of Bhutan.  At last today I sent off that letter to initiate that project.

What is your coolest possible future?  What is the soonest cool date you can get there, and what one cool step can you take today to get there, no matter how small that step or distant the goal?  Can you clearly picture that sweet future and those fun steps?

I’d love to hear what that looks like for you!


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