Old People’s Home for 4 Year Olds

I am in the second of four living generations in my family. My mother in her 80’s, my daughter is in her 30’s, my granddaughter is six, and I’m not telling you my age. 🙂

Last weekend we had a a slumber party for “just us girls”, at my mom’s – mom, Gracie, and I. We slept on her couch in her room and we all colored and snacked and chatted and fell asleep. Gracie loved it and my mother loved it too, having happy company to cheer her up when she wasn’t feeling well after chemo.

It should go without saying that people of all ages should be experiencing life together at all stages. It’s good to see this though sad how rarely it happens.

We remain tribal animals. We need each other – all of the each, all of the other.

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