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Mud Cakes, Writing, and Turning a Blind Ear

About a year ago, while I drank lukewarm coffee on a Wednesday, I tuned in to the online class of a successful artist, whom I respect. She told her class not to bother writing (in the case of blogs), because basically "no one is actually interested in what you are...

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Mommy, how does glass make babies?

I'm working on a commission, a beautiful memorial tribute book comprised of these seemingly disparate elements. And today is my favorite part: it's math day. I will spend my day calculating precise page measurements, photo sizes, which side of which page they go on,...

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Why Your Camera Needs a Showercap

I'm in beautiful, soggy Alaska for a much needed vacation. I wanted to share my totally free, ultra-lightweight tip for photography while traveling, or any other time, in a rainy environment. Here it is: swipe those shower-caps from the hotel! Throw them over your...

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The Mathematics of Listening

Me: “Mom, do you want me to hang up the clothes I brought over for you?” Mom: “No, just leave them on the bed. I’d like to put them away.” Me: “Ok, so just remember that when you go in your room tonight, you’ll have to put them away first to get IN the bed, since...

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Church at the Chip Saloon

In the midst of the Arizona desert stands the old cowboy dusty town of Cedar Creek, which beckoned me to get up early on a Sunday and drive an hour to see if a church in a saloon could really be possible. Why, yes, yes it is! The fierce blue Arizona sky waits...

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Posting From the Heart(s)

Building some wonderful things for my studio. Found these pretty little wooden pegboard locks at a recycled home store, $5 for a giant bucket. Wheeeee! Gave them a little red happy face (yay nail polish!) and today they will make a vertical home for my tools. So fun! ...

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For me, blogging is a place where language and images can date. They don’t have to stay together – but they might. It’s a way for me to talk to you, in a quiet room, without the TV on. Unless you have the tv on. And then, not so much.