Seashell partially submerged in the tide

Seashell Backlit By Sunset. ©2014 Anjani Millet

This is what I come home to these days….

I caught this out of the corner of my eye – I’d never seen a shell penetrated by light. The little ripples where it was resting in the sand were just a little magical too.

I wanted to share this moment I found and photographed on the beach at my house, because when we talk about fine art, I remembered this: the finest art is sometimes happening right under our noses, in nature, every single day. The amazing backlight of sunset painted on the back of this shell – shining right through it – stopped me in my tracks. Beautiful nature of our extraordinary world gives to us the opportunity to see the true mastery of light if we only look.

I am back at my little sea cottage and arrived right at sunset to a beautiful orange and pink sky, with the ocean slipping away in the low tide just in front of my door. Now a storm is rolling in, and while I was tucked in with the dog, doing a little work, I heard just outside – what was that?? – an owl on my roof, just above me. Over and over, hoot-hoothoothoot-hooot..

Owl. Ocean. Huge, open expansive sky. Happiness.

What makes you go “ahhh”?
©Copyright 2014 Anjani Millet Photography

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