Let me be the Hallowed One.

Let me be the Grateful Thanker

Born on my own doorstep

Morning after fresh morning

Breathing in my newness and stillness


Let me be the naked newborn, basking in wonder, held in the gaze of worship,

Hesitation unborn in my mother’s eye. 

There is no fear of myself when I am this one.

This is what the Tiny One taught me, holding back nothing, clapping at her mirror’s own shining


Such a glow that even the silvery glass becomes the vast empty pool before her.

This is what she tells me before she has words, before she is aware she is a self to be aware of,

and I can hear her.

She is that self.

And this is what the deaf poet taught me later, her silky hands dancing a curly song of

enthusiastic sperm and rotund egg,

Her victory emerged, she was this, wet and wiggling at the end of it all –

How lucky was she.

Let me be the One.


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