About a year ago, while I drank lukewarm coffee on a Wednesday, I tuned in to the online class of a successful artist, whom I respect. She told her class not to bother writing (in the case of blogs), because basically “no one is actually interested in what you are writing.” Don’t bother your readers, or yourself, with writing, she said. Post only business material.

For some reason it soaked in and I let it get to me. My writing dried up and cracked into cakey mud chunks and dirtied my mind. I choked, and my writing stopped for the entire last year. 
Even us grown ups are vulnerable to what we hear.

So, I’m working to reset and clean out the mud cakes and get back to writing in 2017.  Is there something you’ve heard this year that you wish you could unhear?

I guess it’s good for us all to be aware that we can’t know the effect our words could have on someone else; it is wise to be sure we really mean to say what we mean to say. Maybe more importantly, hear what we need to and let go of the rest.  It’s up to us to shelter our thoughts and protect our minds, but sometimes, someone else’s thoughts sneak up on us. 

Don’t get me wrong. The woman I am referencing is a fabulous artist and a successful business person. And interestingly, I’ve noticed she’s teaching a new class on the importance of blogging. Good idea.

Two cents.
– Anjani

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