A new Foreign Policy I just made up:

1) Travel to foreign city with only hotel planned, nothing else. Arrive with chest cold;
2) Wander aimlessly until locate and purchase felted woolen pointy-eared cat hat which you did not realize you urgently needed;
3) With the now certain blessing of Dr. Seuss, locate precious beautiful coffee shop, thanking everybody’s Gods for real coffee. Note: This is most effective when endless preceding consecutive weeks are replete with Nescafe and “whitener”;
4) Unfurl limbs (yours) under glass
table overlooking human street business, including Man Carrying Dresser and Commando Decorated Rickshaw With Duck Horn;
5) Become vaguely impressed with another coffee celebrant you nickname “Guy-who-must-be-comfortable-with-his-masculinity-kuz-look-he’s-wearing Pashmina-shawl”;
6) Leave cafe a little too late; aimlessly stride with faux confidence back to hotel, address of which should remain unknown;
7) Get lost. Get lost in the dark. Get lost in the dark in foreboding alleyways with insane, honking motorcyclists trying to kill you during a blackout in a foreign country whose language you do not speak, all without your hotel address;
5) Return to hotel triumphantly, with all limbs/kidneys in tact, having had to ask directions only 4 times within a 3 block radius of ‘Nirvana’. Chuckle ironically to yourself, “Yes, that’s just how that would happen, get lost on the way to Nirvana;”
6) Ask yourself, why are they selling vegetables on the sidewalk by candlelight, and what’s with the teensy baby fires lit in the street? Find peace with having no idea;
6) Smugly, sit at balcony in your room in your hotel barely found. Listen with a keen eye to entire city, now magically quiet and seriously dark; employ 4th grade math skills to count how many times electricity has gone out on this trip;
7) While preparing to sleep, reflect upon your entire life and notice the novelty of sleeplessness due to weird smells; say over and over in your mind, “That’s just neat! It’s always nice to have a new experience!” Blanch at your own internal insincerity;
8) Pour over ice and publish at once. In bed. In the dark.

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