I’ll Give You a Day’s Grace


One of a kind, handmade artist book. Watercolor paper, silk thread, india ink, vintage Chinese/English dictionary page.


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Blank, handmade book, stitched covers and binding with red paper thread with beeswax, heavy, hand-torn watercolor paper, and the cover made of authentic pages from a vintage Chinese dictionary. The title is taken from a cover page definition, “I’ll Give You a Day’s Grace,” encircled in red. Book ties with red binding thread. 3″ x 4″ x 1/2″.  This one of a kind book features a different title for each book, as only one page from the dictionary is used for each unique book – only one definition from the vintage Chinese/English becomes the theme and title per book.  Customize your order with your own interests and I will select a definition just for you!

Comes wrapped in red burlap, paper thread and handmade paper.

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Ink | Thread | Paper | Vintage Dictionary Paper | Hand Sewn | Red | White | Chinese | English | One of a Kind


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