Feathers and Rhymes in the Desert

Feathers and Rhymes in the Desert


Feathers and Ryhmes in the Desert: The 7 Day Collection


Last week I spent 7 days shooting in the Arizona and Utah deserts with 16 other professional photographers. Each day I assembled one thing from the shoot that will go in a book along with my photographs from the trip. 

Here’s what I found and assembled, including a book of charming rhymes from my Aunt Carmen’s high school days, written over 85 years ago, as this trip also included a trip to visit my mother in Phoenix.  The C41 film and the Polaroid backs were given to me by other photographers on the trip.  Thanks, Don and Bryan!

3 pheasant feathers; 1 creaky wooden plank; 8 shiny black feathers; 2 discarded Polaroid backs; 1 zillion creosote seeds; 2 sprawling, tangled wires; 1 roll medium format C41 film; 1 circular upholstery needle; 1automatic awl, threaded; 1 blue,  vintage leather book (“My School Day Autobiography”) of my Aunt’s, circa 1927-1930.

Today begins the process of finding images and assembling the book. I wonder what will come of it!


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