Seducing Readiness – Is Inspiration Shy, or Just Flaky?

Seducing Readiness – Is Inspiration Shy, or Just Flaky?

Whispering Mermaid Statues by Photographer Anjani MIllet

Mermaids Whisper in the Garden. ©2014 Anjani Millet

What is readiness?  What is creation?  Is it magical?  Is it ethereal, mercurial, or winsome?  Is it a distant dream, or a discipline?  There are as many answers as there are people, I’d guess.  To me inspiration is mostly a case of listening though if pressed, I’m not entirely sure what it is I’m listening to!  Is it the subconscious, or God, or the sound of wind in the leaves?

I love what Picasso said – “inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.”  That’s been my experience too.  For me, inspiration sails on the winds of momentum.  Creating the space for inspiration – for listening – seems to beckon and seduce it out of hiding.

Perhaps that’s the true nature of inspiration – it is a shy deer in the woods.  I like that. Inspiration is shy. To consider that inspiration is so flimsy and flaky that it can never be counted on makes me feel sad and lonely.  Instead I like to think that inspiration is an actual living thing, a person, a being, a someone who is just a little shy, someone with whom I must be gentle and inviting.

Yes. That makes me feel better.

I think I’ll have to pin that above my desk for the next time I’m wondering what to shoot or write about!


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