Butter is Goodness-Colored

Butter is Goodness-Colored

My Prayer Flags, Bhutan

My Prayer Flags, Bhutan. ©Copyright 2014 Anjani Millet

Butter is Goodness-Colored

a yellow that makes the rotating earth blink and wonder,
How did that get there? Did I put that daffodil right there?

Because if I did, I love my love,
I love my idea, how brilliant, to complement my blue skies and how brilliant
that daffodils and grass don’t clash,
that is not their Way –
not the Way of checks and circles, or three cellos off-key, or
failing marriages.

Yellow is my reminder,
she says to her own round self,
of blackest night, when yellow hides in its mother’s shadowy, velvet night-skirt,
which reminds me of embers cloaked in flames,
which reminds me of trees,
which reminds me of wind,
which reminds me of mountains,
which reminds me of
buttery yellow silence.

Copyright 2011 Anjani Millet. All Rights Reserved

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