At Least Make That Brick Wall Attractive

Today is Monday, and that means waking up to the brick wall which is my own hesitations.  I’ve decided that 2014 will, for me, be The Year of Yes.  I’m doing my best not to fight hesitations now, but to listen to them and act upon them – or not act, depending on the nature of the hesitation. For instance, recently I had a decision to make in my business and I was dragging my feet. I sat my hesitation down in my mind like a friend over lunch and looked and listened, and then made my decisions based upon what I heard.  I don’t want to do that kind of shoot.  I just don’t.

So… I say yes!  Yes to that brick wall!   Dress it up, invite it in, have coffee with the pretty wall!

We all have our own brick walls, both internally and externally. Maybe, instead of fighting them, it’s time to decorate the wall. Dress it up, take it out for coffee, and enjoy the walls we’ve got. They are probably there for a reason, and rather than being the enemy, maybe – just maybe – like every good wall, they are protecting the good stuff inside, and connect to the doorway in.

Leave me a comment and let me know, what’s your wall, and how do you get across it?


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