Oops!  It’s a Cereal Box Book!

Oops! It’s a Cereal Box Book!

My mother is a fiend for naughty, sugary cereals.  Truth be told, Cap’n Crunch is my own vice.  Maaaaybe once a year I can have some.  But as my mother is also a very silly, goofy person, I decided to combine cereal + book to make the Oops! Cereal Box Book, made from an actual box of Oops!  cereal – as in, oops, it’s all berries. Yum!  My favorite part of this book is the binding.  Oh, and eating the Oops.

This book is available for commission – each one completely unique.  I can make these from cake or cookie or muffin or cereal boxes or any other sort of box!  If you’ve got somebody with a thing for something in a box, give me a holler!  It’s a fun gift.

“Oops! It’s Cereal Box Book” Available Now at my WonderAndQuirk Etsy Store



Feathers and Rhymes in the Desert

Feathers and Rhymes in the Desert


Feathers and Ryhmes in the Desert: The 7 Day Collection


Last week I spent 7 days shooting in the Arizona and Utah deserts with 16 other professional photographers. Each day I assembled one thing from the shoot that will go in a book along with my photographs from the trip. 

Here’s what I found and assembled, including a book of charming rhymes from my Aunt Carmen’s high school days, written over 85 years ago, as this trip also included a trip to visit my mother in Phoenix.  The C41 film and the Polaroid backs were given to me by other photographers on the trip.  Thanks, Don and Bryan!

3 pheasant feathers; 1 creaky wooden plank; 8 shiny black feathers; 2 discarded Polaroid backs; 1 zillion creosote seeds; 2 sprawling, tangled wires; 1 roll medium format C41 film; 1 circular upholstery needle; 1automatic awl, threaded; 1 blue,  vintage leather book (“My School Day Autobiography”) of my Aunt’s, circa 1927-1930.

Today begins the process of finding images and assembling the book. I wonder what will come of it!


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