Two Simple Steps to Wake Up Happier

Two Simple Steps to Wake Up Happier

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What is the first thing you see when you wake up each morning? Is it the tired beige curtains you got in the divorce? Or perhaps it’s the flapping spiderweb fob hanging from the ceiling above your bed?

And what is the first thing you hear? Is it the death screams of the crappy, black and silver Radio Shack alarm clock? It is alarming alright, like an angry fuse box being stabbed to death on the nightstand.

Waking up to crappy sights or wretched, soul-destroying sounds is no way to start the day. I want to share one simple step you can easily take today to make the first moment of your day better, every single day. It is what I call Morning View.

Place one thing you truly love directly in your line of vision when you open your eyes first thing in the morning.

I call this Morning View.

Here is my Morning View. The beautiful, amber glass leaves of this antique chandelier sparkle and clink happily in morning sunlight, just above and left of my bed. This is one of my favorite possessions, and my eyes land upon it first thing every morning. I sleep on my left side, on the left side of the bed, so it hangs on the left side of the room just above the bed. No lights are connected – I let morning sunlight do the delighting.

The clinking leaves are the first thing I hear, as well. I do my best to get enough sleep that I awaken naturally, without an alarm. If I do need help waking up, I use an app on my phone called Ambiance, which I set to awaken me with the sounds of morning bird call in a meadow, or a babbling brook.

It is an act of sweet kindness to protect and nourish our eyes and ears in the first moments re-emerging from rest. Small details add up when we care about ourselves enough to make life a little more pleasant to start out the day.

Do you have something beautiful you see or hear first thing in the morning?

Only the best to you.

Copyright 2014 Anjani Millet

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