Feet, Meet Bra

Feet, Meet Bra

Bra Meet feet at curbside

Feet and Bra Meet on the Street, Downtown Seattle. ©Copyright 2014 Anjani MIlle

Feet, Meet Bra

Feet meet bra on a lovely summer afternoon. My friend Gina and I headed downtown for a happy hour party at a local co-working space.  Gina’s lovely feet
in her lovely shoes landed squarely in front of what was once a lovely black bra, now taking an afternoon bath in the watery gutter before us. She called me over to take the shot, and Feet and Bra were born.  I felt a little sad for the poor bra, which could have been just as glamorous as Gina’s sexy toes n’ sandals but it’s hey-day had passed. Or maybe it was just a clothing kiddy-pool.  It wasn’t talking, and I didn’t ask.
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