579 – The House Thief

579 – The House Thief

579 – The House Thief – is available now on Etsy

This book, 579 – The House Thief – is a tribute to my mother, and to all of us as we age. To the things we lose and the things we can lose if someone isn’t helping along the way. It is a one of a kind, original work.

For my mother, last year she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, placed in a facility, then later removed when family members tried to rob her blind, then cancer, then – believe it or not – UNdiagnosed with Alzheimer’s.  We learned her former home had been full of black mold, which contributed mightily to her symptoms of memory loss and terrible asthma and eventually caused her to lose that home entirely. Mold stole her home, and it almost cost her her life.

But last year in the midst of all this, in a terrible depression, she said to me, “I am 84 and I don’t know what to do with the rest of my life.”  This inspired this book, which had direct quotes from her on each page. Pages are wooden and handpainted with milk paint, then bound in a Secret Belgian Binding with black wool.


The book cover is adorned with a miniature glass doorknob, and the entire book lives inside the house.  The roof of the house comes completely off.  The house is also painted with milk paint and ink and the interior of the house is black, to signify the mold that took away her life.


My favorite part of this book are the quotes, which provide an interesting view of life at 84, and the clacking sound the pages of the book make when the book is open or pages turned.  579 was her street address.


579: The House Thief
Book: 3x 2.5 x 2.5″ when closed.
Box/House with roof is 6.5 x 4.5 x 3.5″
Wooden pages, glass doorknob, Secret Belgian Binding, woolen thread, milk paint, ink.
One of a kind, original work
Feathers and Rhymes in the Desert

Feathers and Rhymes in the Desert


Feathers and Ryhmes in the Desert: The 7 Day Collection


Last week I spent 7 days shooting in the Arizona and Utah deserts with 16 other professional photographers. Each day I assembled one thing from the shoot that will go in a book along with my photographs from the trip. 

Here’s what I found and assembled, including a book of charming rhymes from my Aunt Carmen’s high school days, written over 85 years ago, as this trip also included a trip to visit my mother in Phoenix.  The C41 film and the Polaroid backs were given to me by other photographers on the trip.  Thanks, Don and Bryan!

3 pheasant feathers; 1 creaky wooden plank; 8 shiny black feathers; 2 discarded Polaroid backs; 1 zillion creosote seeds; 2 sprawling, tangled wires; 1 roll medium format C41 film; 1 circular upholstery needle; 1automatic awl, threaded; 1 blue,  vintage leather book (“My School Day Autobiography”) of my Aunt’s, circa 1927-1930.

Today begins the process of finding images and assembling the book. I wonder what will come of it!


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Antique Watch Repair, Time-Telling Cards, and Roses on Your Pillow

Antique Watch Repair, Time-Telling Cards, and Roses on Your Pillow

Vintage Book-making Ephemera

Antique Watch Repair, Time-Telling Cards, and Roses on Your Pillow. ©2015 Anjani Millet

Ah, the beautiful ephemera of book making.  A few things from my studio make me happy today: antique watch repair bottles, children’s time-telling flip cards, vintage ledger, blue silk ribbon and a tiny brooch.


I’ll use these in my transparent book called Roses on Your Pillow, about the transient, fleeting nature of our time here on earth in the fragile little physical containers which we inhabit while we live.  

Coming soon!

Red Polka Dots and Pantaloons Made Me Charming

Red Polka Dots and Pantaloons Made Me Charming

Today I'm Charming in my Red Dots and Pantaloon!

Red Dots and Pantaloons, I’m charming! ©Copyright 2014 Anjani Millet

Long ago, I set 2 personal goals: I wanted to be charming, and always smell lovely. Sadly, me and perfume don’t get along, but today I feel quite dapper and maybe even a little charming in a little red polka dot dress and, that’s right, white pantaloons. Who couldn’t feel adorable in pantaloons, seriously? #HowToFeelAdorable #vintage #Clothing #selfie #Pantaloons #PolkaDots

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Yours truly!

Anjani Millet, Behind the Scenes

Your truly!  Many thanks to my friend and photographer Lori Patrick who shot this at our Photographer’s Vintage Tea Party.
from Instagram: http://ift.tt/1o7gdAo

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Pinky Starflash, Camera of Love

Pinky Starflash, Camera of Love

Pink Antique Camera

Pink Starflash Camera

I found this lovely little pink Starflash camera at the best vintage store I have ever seen, in (who knew?) Grand Junction, Colorado.   Due to Cool Old Camera Overload, I didn’t buy it.
from Instagram: http://ift.tt/1oP2Jp9   #DroppedOnHeadAsBaby #OldCamerasGangedUpOnMe #CamspiracyTheory

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