Weirdest question: I was asked if govt should prevent some happiness as “happiness may not be best for everyone.”  Which world are we in again?

Since I began the Gross National Happiness World Project two years ago, I have had zillions of conversations about happiness, and the differences in opinions and experiences in what makes one happy are as wide as the Montana sky.  But this one floored me.  This emerald-eyed gentlemen blew into our dreamy back corner of the sweet café in New Jersey while I was working on a strong coffee.  He drove that sentence over the Saturday morning quiet like a one-man demolition derby, going on to say that some people “may not understand as much about what makes them happy as the government does, so the government should prevent them from having the happiness they think they want and give them another one instead!!!!!”  Wait… This was a new one…The government should define and control the available flavors of happiness?   He wasn’t talking about illicit or illegal happinesses.  He went on to explain that  some people were too stupid to know what really made them happy and the Blue Suits would figure it out for them.

I shook my head so hard, my hair hurt.

Copyright 2011 Anjani Millet, All Rights Reserved. 

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